I enjoy the challenge of hacking physics engines and sandbox games to do elaborate, absurd, and seemingly impossible things. When DoodleChaos released this video of marbles unconvincingly falling through a pegboard playing the piano, I saw another challenge to take on.

His technique was clever but left some viewers unsatisfied.

I remember when I first discovered Line Rider, that Flash game from 2006 with the simple premise of drawing a track for a sledder to ride on. I was immediately sucked into it, doing things like devising elaborate tracks for the rider to overcome, building worlds for the rider to explore, and manipulating the rider to perform stunts.

It had an odd universal appeal, quickly propagating through the internet and reaching many other teens who were similarly captivated by this toy. We gathered into a community and the Line Rider subculture was formed. We were young, creative, and imaginative, but…

Chromatic Reflections is a photo series exploring the interactions between the spectral colors and materials that reflect their surroundings.

The light source is sunlight shining through a prism, dispersing into the spectral colors. The materials (besides skin) are colorless: they reflect every wavelength of color approximately uniformly. If the materials were lit by white light in a dark setting, they would appear monochrome. Under colored lights, the materials would take on those colors.

Through the illumination of these pure colors, we can more clearly see the materials’ optical properties (diffuse/specular reflection, refraction, transmission, absorption, translucency/scattering) and textural qualities (micro/macro scale)…

Audioscope: What you see is what you hear.

bass guitar + kick drum + hand clap

I pay a lot of attention to details in sound. I wanted to be able to see these details, and also point them out while describing sounds to people. Unfortunately, most audio visualizers don’t reveal these details.
So I created Audioscope, and made a video and soundtrack to demonstrate how some of these fine sonic details are made visible and obvious:

Please watch this in HD, or else you’ll literally miss half the details.

How it Works

tl;dr it turns sine waves into circles

Technically: The y axis is the raw audio signal, and the…

David Lu

music art tech. http://davidlu.me/

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